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Vitamix Standard Blender Review

Vitamix Standard Blender

A great product to consider is the Vitamix Standard Blender. It is state of the art and comes with a bunch of features that allow you to use it for different purposes. The blender is also easily available for purchase online and even though it is priced a bit on the higher side, it is sure to give you value for money and you won’t regret your purchase later on.

Having different speeds means that you can choose the thickness of your food and achieve the exact texture you want. With 10 different speeds, this blender allows you to turn your food into smooth purees or even creamy soups. You can even lower the speed to get some good chunks of your food.

Vitamix Standard Blender

If you live in a family of 3 or more, blending food in just one go will not be enough if you have a small blender. However, this blender has a relatively large size which allows you to blend food in large or medium batches according to your needs.

Furthermore, the Vitamix Standard Blender is self-cleaning. All you have to do is add some water and a little dish soap and turn it on. The machine will be able to clean itself in just under a minute. Rinse it off once you are done, and it will be sparkling clean in no time.

Remember how we mentioned that you can make a great soup with the blender? The added advantage of that is when you do make a soup, you won’t have to warm it up as when the blades are working fast enough, they create friction heat which can easily heat up the cold ingredients in the Vitamix Standard Blender. All this takes about 6 minutes to achieve.

The blender also includes high and low controls that allow you to adjust the speed of the blades, depending on the type of food you are using. You can use them for whole food ingredients which are tough and turn them into a finer texture, which is easy to make and eat.

The Vitamix Standard Blender understands that you may need to use it consistently for a number of minutes, which is why it comes with a cool running motor. This motor allows the blender to maintain an even and cool temperature throughout the entire use.

You can easily make a number of food items using just this one blender. These include the likes of frozen treats, acai bowl, hot soups, groundnuts, coffee, batters and dough, and purees.


  • ​It has 10 different speeds and is also very easy to use
  • ​It is highly versatile, allowing you to accomplish almost all your kitchen needs with one product
  • ​The materials are high quality, which makes the product highly durable and reliable
  • ​The product comes with a two-part lid, a tamper, a container shell, and a cookbook package


  • ​It is not safe to clean it in a dishwasher
  • ​Even though it delivers to a whole new level, it can be very noisy to use

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