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Best Electric Cooktop With Downdraft (2018)

The best electric cooktop with downdraft allows you to decide your ideal kitchen without worrying about installing extra ductwork or an overhead hood for proper ventilation. This allows for more flexibility if you want your stovetop on any counter or island. We understand how important the kitchen is to every family home and also how much it can improve property value with the right appliances and fixtures. The up-to-date styling of downdraft cooktops help improve enjoyment of the space and gives a boost to resale ability.

These modern cooking options frequently have adjustable fan speeds so you can make sure all unpleasant odors get out of your kitchen before they affect your comfort levels. Different configurations of burners and controls are available.

Top 3 Best Electric Cooktops With Downdraft

GE Profile 30" Downdraft Electric Cooktop PP9830DJBB​

The GE Profile 30” is a great electric cooktop that is a fine addition to any kitchen with a built-in oven. Smooth and sleek, the cooktop features four radiant cooking elements that cook foods quickly and evenly with minimal hassle.

The cooking elements various sizes to ensure you can use most pots and pans. A 9”/6” power boil element is powered by a whopping 3,000W heating element for the ultimate performance, while two 7” 1800W elements and a 6” 1500W round out what is very versatile cooktop.

Better still, the GE Profile 30″ also features a bridge element. This feature is a must-have for any electric cooktop, allowing you to combine several cooking elements into a single cooking area. It’s a great option to have when cooking something on the larger size, allowing you to convert the cooktop into the one cooking area for the upmost convenience.

The inclusion of a downdraft exhaust is another feature worth mentioning. This powerful exhaust system efficiently removes smoke and steam from the cooking unit and then disperses it through a venting system below.

Not only does this help keep odours, smoke, and grease from ruining your kitchen, it’s much easier to install. Plus, downdraft exhausts require a more basic installation and don’t take up as much room as an island hood.

Measuring 29 ¾”x 2 3/16” x 21 7/8”, the cooktop can be installed at various points throughout a kitchen. For example, wall installation is possible providing there is a counter depth of at least 25”, while it can also be installed on island units with a minimum of 26” countertop depth.

To ensure the upmost safety, there is a hot surface indicator light to prevent you from touching the element when it’s hot, which is a surprisingly common problem with electric cooktops.

The control lock is another handy safety feature that prevents accidental activation, so the GE Profile 30” certainly delivers in terms of safety.

It’s also a very attractive cooktop. The sleek black colour fits in with most kitchen décor, while the frameless design offers an attractive modern finish when installed into a countertop.


  • ​​4 powerful cooking elements including power broil element
  • ​​Different sizes of elements fit most pots
  • ​​Bridge element allows for single cooking element
  • ​​Safety features including hot surface indicator and control lock


  • ​​Downward draft exhaust not as efficient at extracting smoke as an island hood
  • ​​Lacks certain extras, such as a digital timer alert

If you are looking for a reliable electric cooktop with downdraft for your kitchen, then the GE Profile 30” is certainly worth consideration. The powerful heating elements offer rapid and efficient heating, while the ability to bridge the element ensures there are few meals that cannot be prepared using the unit.

It’s got some nice safety features, and while the downward draft exhaust may lack the extraction power of an island hood, it’s more compact and generally easier to install. A stylish design and selection of safety features round out a great electric cooktop from GE Appliances.

Frigidaire 30" ​Smoothtop Electric Black Cooktop with Built-In 500 CFM Downdraft Exhaust and Pro-Select Controls RC30DE60PB​

The Frigidaire 30 inch built-in cooktop with expandable element is made for larger families, those who enjoy entertaining, or those who simply enjoy cooking a number of different dishes. This black glass cooktop is extremely attractive and looks good with any kitchen decor and is extremely easy to clean as the entire surface, except for the knobs is flat.

There are four cooking elements allowing you to cook several dishes at once and the handy expandable element makes it simple and easy to use either a small or large pot or pan on this burner and adjust the heat for the size of the pot or pan. There is even a simmer plate which is perfect for making soups and stews and ensuring that they have a good deal of flavor.

This electric cooktop with downdraft offers 3200 watts of power for quick heating of foods.

The cook top measures 32.38” X 30.75” X 20.06” Making this cook top perfect for small to medium size kitchens.

Installation is fairly simple since it is just drop in installation and the connection location is in the front of the unit. This cooktop have indicator lights for each burner so you know which burner is still hot.

There is also a downdraft exhaust to help eliminate cooking odors.


  • ​​This is a glass top stove top, which makes this stove top both extremely attractive and easy to clean
  • ​​4 different elements allows you to cook several dishes at the same time, you can cook an entire a meal on this stove top
  • ​​The expandable element make it easy to cook using both small and large pots and pans, making it a very versatile cook top
  • ​The simmer plate is excellent for simmering foods that needs a long time to cook at a low temperature for extended periods of time


  • ​​This stove top is extremely expensive since you can get an entire stove and oven for the less than the price of this stove top

The Frigidaire 30 inch cooktop with expandable heating element is great looking and high functioning stove top designed for those who enjoy cooking and making a variety of foods. The versatility of this stove top allows you to enjoy more creative cooking.

​Kitchen Aid KCED600GBL 30 Electric Downdraft Cooktop with 4 Elements

The KitchenAid electric cooktop with downdraft allows you to bring the luxurious, culinary experience of a 5 star restaurant into your very own home. This 30 inch electric cooktop comes with 4 heating elements that each have their own unique purpose. The 10 inch, even heat ultra-element is extremely versatile because it can be used for cooking on either high or low heat. It also has a simmer setting, which makes it easier to have multiple foods cooking on the same setting, at the same time. The 6 inch even heat element is ideal for melting and slow simmering. The consistent even heat technology, paired with low steady temperatures prevent burning and browning. This element is perfect for melting cheeses, and creating delicious gourmet sauces.

This cooktop also comes with the useful feature of having 2 elements in one. The 9/6 inch ultra-power double-ring element gives you the flexibility of using it for either large pots, or smaller sauté pans. The 9 inch ring is traditionally used for large stock or sauce pots, and the 6 inch ring is often used for pans that sauté or sear (etc.). Although most cooktops use a range hood ventilation system that pulls the smoke and fumes upwards, this KitchenAid cooktop uses a downdraft ventilation system. Pulling the smoke down rather than up helps keep fumes and steam from passing through your face while you’re still cooking. A downdraft ventilation system is also really useful to people that may have another kitchen appliance above the cooktop (such as a microwave).

The 30 inch KitchenAid downdraft electric cooktop has an exhaust rating of 300 CFM. CFM stands for Cubic Feet of air per Minute. This represents how well the air is being cleansed of odors, smoke, and steam. A 30 inch cooktop should have a minimum CFM rating of 250. This cooktop has CFM rating of 300, which should ensure a good quality ventilation system. The 3 speed fan control will also allow you to control the ventilation, which will also help tone down any noise that may be heard through the ventilation system. It can also be converted into to a duct-free ventilation system, which is great for areas that have certain ducting or installment restrictions. This feature gives you the freedom of putting your cooktop virtually anywhere in your kitchen. (The conversion kit is not included.)


  • ​​The glass surface on this cooktop is made with a cook shield finish, which is stain resistant and very easy to clean
  • ​​Downdraft ventilation system keeps the steam, smoke, and odors from coming up into the air
  • ​​The ability to convert this cooktop to a duct-free ventilation system opens many options and possibilities
  • ​​A CFM rating of 300 is above standard, which will improve the quality of air while you’re cooking


  • ​Although the conversion feature that comes with this cooktop is a great feature, it does not come with the conversion kit. So you’ll have to purchase it separately
  • ​The cloths and scrubbers that are needed to properly clean the cooktop are not included. Using the wrong cleaning tools and cloths can result in scratching the glass surface

The 30 inch KitchenAid electric downdraft cooktop is a good, well rounded product. The Pros well outweigh the Cons, in the sense that the Cons do not effect how well the product does it’s job, in any way. Considering the features and the versatility of the cooktop, it is a product that is well worth the money spent. It provides a wonderful, effective cooking experience with a luxurious, culinary appeal.

Whether you are in the process of building a new home or want to renovate or remodel your existing kitchen, a smooth and modern electric cooktop can help you achieve your goals. When deciding which to choose, detailed and honest electric cooktop with downdraft reviews are essential to help you pick one from all of those available on the market today. Soon you will enjoy more even cooking and easier cleanup when you choose one of these stove tops. Best of all, your home will not be filled with cooking odors. The downdraft ventilation systems are highly effective and can handle even the most fragrant dishes.

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